Kelly Family | Sydney Lifestyle Photographer | Family Adventure Session | Fruit Picking

We were blessed with a glorious morning for a fruit picking family adventure session. The nectarines and peaches were so ripe that the pickers were actually on site for the weekend, working hard to pick and pack the juicy goodness. Of course there was still plenty of fruit for us to pick and eat as we wandered through the gorgeous fruit trees at Darkes Glenbernie Orchard. It was an unexpected treat to see the pickers using the hydra ladders to pick the fruit, place it in the picking bag and then transfer it to bins (not the rubbish type). When the bins are full, tractors are used to take the fruit to the shed for sorting and packing to go to market. A quick lesson from Jo, the farmers wife/owner, on how to select and pick the best fruit, and we wasted no time getting stuck in.