Muldoon Family | Sydney Lifestyle Photographer

I have this funny knack of attracting the Irish. My husband calls me the ‘Irish magnet’. Tina, Irish, is a client of mine, but also a friend I’ve known since my first baby was born. It’s the third session I’ve done for them, so when she told me they were leaving Sydney, I knew I had to make it a special ‘hooroo to Sydney’ shoot. Coming from Ireland, this was their first home away from home, the place they drank themselves silly and danced the night away at PJ O’Brien’s, saw many a sunset at The Opera Bar and were probably still around when the sun came up. The place they ‘matured’, made forever friends and became a family.

I knew the perfect location that would get us some gorgeous harbour views but not be cliche Sydney, offer some play and exploring for the kids and allow me to take them on a little adventure that would cement their farewell to Sydney in their hearts.


We met at Cremorne Point Reserve a few hours before sunset. I like to tell a story with my pictures, so shooting starts as soon as you get out of the car.

First up was the park, the kids could work off some energy in the playground whilst Tina topped up little Miss with some boobie juice. Then we went for an explore, my favourite part, as everyone relaxes and I can easily capture raw moments of connection and play among the family.


There is pretty much nothing off limits in a session, going rogue often results in the best shots. So when we found a crazy steep ladder that went down to a lighthouse, with some gorgeous moody lighting on the rugged rocks, my little photographer heart sang.


After our little exploration, we were off on a good old Sydney ferry ride across the harbour to grab an ice-cream for dinner. There is an unwritten rule for family photo sessions, you can have ice-cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner…even two scoops.


With our bellies full of sugary goodness, we finished off the session with a ferry ride back across the harbour, as the sun set and the night lights began to make good old Sydney sparkle like she’s famous for. We really are spoilt with the best city view in Australia…I reckon anyhow.


If you’d like to remember your time in Sydney, whether you’re leaving now or maybe never, now is a great time with cooler evenings and gorgeous daylight savings light. Get in touch and let’s chat about telling your story and making memories you can print.